30% Customer Support Cost
47% Companies Automating Customer Conversations
2.5B Labour Hours by 2023
Key Tasks
Group 4116 Gather key data
Group 4117-1 Handle customers inquiries
Group 4118 Upsell & Cross-sell
Group 4119 Deliver Smart Ads
Group 4120 Collect valuable feedback
Easy Integration With Different Channels

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Digital Concierge will work smart to delight your customers 24/7 and will provide cost-effective, consistent, dependable operational support so you can keep growing even with intense labour shortages. Contact Fluido.ai today to find out how we can help you add Digital Concierge to your team and join other creative business leaders who are embracing technological advances and delighting customers across channels.

Chatting About the Restaurant Labour Shortage

Restaurants are struggling to find enough staff to operate. According to Statistics Canada…

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The Extinct of QR Menus Era

Harry up and upgrade your QR code to digital server. Offer your customer a smooth, friendly experience…

Conversational AI and Contribution to Enhancing Business

Covid-19 has left many businesses with no choice but to embrace digitalizing more of their services…

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