Creating Cost-Effective Conversations

Grow Faster with Less Staff

Why Fluido

Grow Your Business Faster With Less Stress

  • Serve more customers daily.
  • Increase your average order with cross sells and upsells.
  • Boost efficiencies with faster order processing

Make Real Responsive Customer Conversations

  • We don’t forget their names.
  • We don’t make them wait.
  • Technology that learns from each conversation.

Save on Labour

  • Take orders.
  • Handle customer queries.
  • Service your customers with less staff.

We Help….

Restaurant Industry

Fluido AI helps restaurants thrive as they seek to grow in market conditions that include labour and supply chain challenges. Labour is a restaurant’s largest cost centre, and its most important connection to customers. Fluido AI’s chatbots relieve that pressure so service quality increases and labour costs decrease. We’ve made the solution simple to implement, so forward-thinking operators can easily embrace restaurant technology. read more

Retail Industry

Fluido AI helps retailers boost profits, control labour costs, cross-sell, upsell, and guide the customer journey. Fluido chatbot with AI supports customer-facing interactions in store or online by guiding the sales process fluidly and effectively. Retailers can deploy their retail teams towards more strategic, profitable interactions. We’ve made the solution simple to implement, so progressive retailers can quickly benefit.

We create human-like conversations with your customers using Artificial Intelligence.

Fluido AI believes that the future will be found where technology supports humans at what they do best…be creative, innovative, and strategic. By using Fluido’s chatbot with AI, businesses will have new labour that is... .

Self Learner
Customer Friendly
Easy to Manage
with no sick days, HR issues or resignation.

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